Championships at Merion

Merion Golf Club has been host to 18 USGA Championships

and is the future site of the 2022 Curtis Cup Match and 2026 U.S. Amateur


1904 Women's Amateur – Georgianna Bishop

1909 Women's Amateur – Dorothy Campbell

1916 U.S. Amateur – Charles Evans, Jr.

1924 U.S. Amateur – Robert T. Jones, Jr.

1926 Women's Amateur – Helen Stetson

1930 U.S. Amateur – Robert T. Jones, Jr.

1934 U.S. Open – Olin Dutra

1949 Women's Amateur – Dorothy Germain Porter

1950 U.S. Open – Ben Hogan

1954 Curtis Cup – United States

1960 World Amateur – United States (an international competition conducted by the International Golf Federation, not the USGA)

1966 U.S. Amateur – Gary Cowan

1971 U.S. Open – Lee Trevino

1981 U.S. Open – David Graham

1989 U.S. Amateur – Chris Patton

1998 U.S. Girl's Junior – Leigh Anne Hardin

2005 U.S. Amateur* – Edoardo Molinari

2009 Walker Cup – United States

2013 U.S. Open – Justin Rose

*Merion hosted the 2005 U.S. Amateur to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Robert T. Jones, Jr.'s completion of the "Grand Slam" in 1930.

Total Championships

Four United States Women's Amateur Championships

Six United States Amateur Championships

Five United States Open Championships

One Curtis Cup

One World Amateur Championship

One United States Girl's Junior Amateur Championship

One Walker Cup